Body Care

Rejuvenating body care services utilizing the finest products available.


The Sudatonic System

The Sudatonic Body treatment is a weight loss boosting system that utilizes an infra-red heating blanket and body massage with specialized creams to stimulate the lymphatic system and blood circulation. This forces the body to use stored fat as energy to fuel the body. The treatment is very relaxing, detoxifying, reduces excess water weight, and can help start you on the road to permanent weight loss. The Sudatonic can help with:

- Weight Loss [not just water weight]

- Decrease Body Fat

- Reducing cellulite

- Poor Circulation

- Detoxify

- Nourishes the Skin

             Price and time may vary by case


Body Wrap

Body Wrap eliminates all dead and damaged skin cells, leaves your skin fresh, smooth and healthy.

             Price and time may vary by case


Cellulite Treatment

A blend of all-natural essential oils reduces excess cellulite without any wrapping. The deep penetrating essential oils encourage the breakdown of excess fat and eliminate toxins trapped in the tissues, and rebalance the body function to the stomach, back of thighs and back of arms. This simple relaxing treatment will reduce the dimpled orange peel texture. Prices may vary depending on the area of treatment.

             Price and time may vary by case

M.A.S. Skincare Policy: If you have the need to cancel your appointment please do so 24 hours before, fail to do so will result in a 25% charge on your next visit.